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PEXA is an acronym for Property Exchange Australia and is a platform that facilitates settlements, and other transactions to occur using a digital workspace. The advantages of the platform includes reduced costs, faster preparation and lodgement of documentation and the reduced risk of settlement delays. PEXA is a national platform used across Australia and currently has approximately 10,000 members engaged with its network.


At Price Lawyers we use the digital platform for the preparation, distribution and signing of contracts of sale electronically for the transfer of ownership and to complete financial settlement for our client’s property sale transactions.


Once all the parties to the transaction have completed their respective tasks on the platform, settlement will be completed on the specified settlement date. A key benefit of this electronic settlement is that it can allow for quicker access to property sale proceeds. If you have any questions or queries regarding PEXA or the settlement process, please get in contact with one of our lawyers for a free consultation.

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